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Knight of Xentar
Megatech Software
Knights of Xentar is an eroge role-playing video game published for the PC DOS in North America by Megatech Software in 1995 and has been originally published as Dragon Knight III in Japan in 1991. It is part of the Dragon Knight series of games created by Japanese game developer ELF, who originally released the game for the NEC PC-8801 computer in 1991, followed by ports for the Sharp X68000 and PC Engine CD platforms.

The game is a sequel of Dragon Knight and Dragon Knight II. Its gameplay system is different from that of previous installments of the Dragon Knight series, resembling this of the early Final Fantasy (even more in the PC version) series instead of first-person-view dungeon crawler, and enabling the player to explore the entire world of the game. Some of the characters were renamed in the English and German localized Knights of Xentar release, including the protagonist Takeru`s name changed to Desmond.



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  28 September 16 12:32:15
upil ( 3 )
Saya juga inget dulu main ini.
Sangat mengesankan!
  13 September 16 12:32:40
soeharto ( 6 )
game jamannya si tommy masih nakal di sentul
  09 September 16 16:42:51
rew ( 22 )
Harus punya NR18 nya.
Biar tambah asyik
  09 September 16 15:56:58
cipeu ( 38 )
Ini game hentai pertama main nih.
Yang bikin keren game ini, ada action-nya.
Patut di coba yang suka action + "adult theme"

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